How is Total Member Involvement done?

Questions & Answers June 24, 2016

Q: What is Total Member Involvement, and how should it be done? — James

A: James, thank you for this question. I answered a similar question in my first Q&A column in October 2015. But so much has happened with Total Member Involvement since then that it is worth revisiting.

Total Member Involvement (TMI) is really the last great proclamation of the Advent message. It’s an initiative that encourages everyone in the Seventh-day Adventist to find ways to actively bring friends, neighbors, and even strangers to Jesus.

TMI is an intentional soul winning plan that discovers the needs of family, friends, and neighbors, then shares how God fulfils every need. To do this, we must first ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, pray often, become diligent students of God’s Word, and then share it with others. And there are so many possibilities for sharing!

Personal witnessing, literature distribution, small groups, health ministry outreach, community services, Pathfinder and youth programs, and of course, public evangelism are just some of the ways in which we can reach others for Jesus. Whether you are a lay member, pastor, or church administrator, we need to become completely involved with God’s advent message to the world. Everyone doing something for Jesus!

The amazing results that we recently saw in Rwanda (see “Number of Baptisms Reaches 97,344 in Rwanda”), are a direct result of Total Member Involvement and serve as a wonderful example of what God can do when people are totally committed to reaching others for Him.

To learn more about TMI, I encourage you to watch this short video at

Only in heaven will we see the full results of how God has used us to bless others through Total Member Involvement!