Never Doubt—God Is in Control

Download in MS Word Format Matthew 14 presents a powerful and practical message set against the backdrop of a fascinating experience in the life of Christ, His disciples, and His church with strong applications for…

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Mission to the Cities

Download in PDF Format Jesus was being honored on His triumphal entry to the city.  He and the large crowd of people were outside of that ancient capital of Israel.  As they came to the…

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God’s Remnant Church–Finish Strong!

It is a great privilege to be at the ASI Convention.  ASI is one of God’s great missionary organizations that is a tremendous blessing to the world wide evangelistic outreach of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.…

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Christ’s All-Encompassing Righteousness

Christ’s all-encompassing righteousness is our only hope as we rapidly come to the close of this earth’s history. Make no mistake about it, Jesus is coming soon! The events taking place around us point to…

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Generation of YOUth for Christ

Introduction Good morning and happy Sabbath, GYC! I’m glad to be with you and am grateful to the GYC leadership for inviting me to speak to you today. What a blessing it is to worship with such a large group of committed Seventh-day Adventist youth! Hearing literally thousands of young people singing praises to God

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Remember Your Name

Names at Creation Names are so important.  Scripture reveals that from the very foundation of the world, names have been of special interest to the Lord. For instance, have you ever noticed that several times…

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Wilson Calls Adventists to ‘Go Forward’

Good morning, brothers and sisters in Christ! What a privilege to worship together on this last Sabbath morning of the 59th General Conference session….young people, older people, women, men, and children all together as God’s…

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