Why does the Catholic Bible have six more books than mine?

Questions & Answers April 23, 2016

Q: In my country we have two types of Bibles — one with 72 books used by the Roman Catholic Church, and the other with 66 books used by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and other Protestant denominations. Which Bible came first? Why does one have six more books than the other? — Hafashimana

A: Some Bibles, such as those used by the Roman Catholic Church, include what is known as the aprocrypha — a set of six Jewish books that have not been included in all Bible versions.

Your question is an interesting one and has to do with the history of how the biblical canon was put together. It requires more of an in-depth answer than what we can give here, so I recommend reading the article, “What About the Apocrypha?” written by Dr. Ángel Manuel Rodríguez, former director of the Biblical Research Institute. You can read it at: https://bit.ly/apocryphalbooks.