When Silence is Deafening

Revival for Mission July 6, 2017

Silence can be deafening, especially in places like Chernobyl, Ukraine. In a place once filled with vibrancy and life, an abandoned stillness fills the air. After the 1986 nuclear disaster, a statue of the angel Gabriel was erected, announcing destruction. In the Euro-Asian region of the world where hardship and former communist restrictions attempt to silence God’s message, the Three Angels’ Message is now reaching more people than ever.

Hope Channel Ukraine is a shining example of the dynamic determination of Adventists in this region to reach those around them with the gospel. The internet, satellite and cable programs reach more than 20 million people and have gained a viewership well beyond Ukraine. With 20-25 hours of original programming produced each week, Hope Channel Ukraine is respected and appreciated by Protestant leaders in the country.

Spiritual silence is overcome with biblical truth through many avenues for mission in Russia. Hope Channel Russia is determined to reach the entire country with a sense of conviction that truly can change the world.

Orthodox religious backgrounds and a history of prevalent atheism are tough barriers to break in a part of the world dominated by the former USSR. But Adventists are finding that music is a tremendous tool that can fill the space silenced by pain, with the beautiful sound of hope in God.

The region may have seen a dark cloud of nuclear destruction in its past, but through the mission of faithful Adventists, people are hearing about another cloud that will bear Jesus Christ for His soon return.