What is your favorite memory from Sabbath School?

Questions & Answers November 13, 2015

Q: Pastor Wilson, what is your favorite memory from Sabbath School, and did you have a favorite Sabbath School teacher?

My favorite memories are of people who invested so much time into our young lives. My favorite time was in the Junior Department of the Takoma Park Seventh-day Adventist Church. We had people helping us with investment projects and donating money to help us. We had a Sabbath School orchestra in which many of us participated every Sabbath morning.

My favorite time was the study of the Sabbath School lesson which was taught by a superb teacher and my favorite, Harry Baerg. He was an artist at the Review and Herald who specialized in nature and illustrated animal stories. He had great wonderful illustrations from nature for us during our lesson study and made a strong impact on my young life. I thank God for dedicated Sabbath School teachers who are investing in young lives … the investment is not forgotten and we give God the glory for these wonderful teachers who are sharing their talents every Sabbath.