What does the church teach on speaking in tongues?

Questions & Answers May 6, 2016

Q: What does the church teach on speaking in tongues? Someone is asking me why we don’t speak in tongues, and I need to explain. — Malachi.

A: Adventists don’t speak in tongues because modern glossolalia (ecstatic “speaking in tongues”) practiced in Pentecostal churches is not the gift of tongues mentioned in the New Testament. The New Testament gift of tongues refers to real languages that God gave the new Christian Church for the purpose of evangelizing the nations.

To learn more about the gift of tongues I recommend reading this short piece, “The Gift of Tongues in 1 Corinthians 14″ at https://bit.ly/giftoftongues written by Dr. Angel Manuel Rodriguez, retired director of the Biblical Research Institute. Another, more extensive resource you may find helpful is the book, Speaking in Tongues, available free at https://bit.ly/tonguesbook.

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