North American Region "Contrasting Equalities"

Revival for Mission December 15, 2016

Feeling alone is as much a reality in the small remote village of Shungnak, Alaska as it is in the hyperactive metropolis of New York City. There is an emptiness in humans that can only be filled by Christ.

Airen and Tony Sherman answered God’s call to be missionaries in Alaska. They are doing God’s work through medical mission as well as small group Bible studies. Their dream is to restore and fill a dilapidated church building with locals from Shungnak despite many challenges, including lack of resources.

Fly across the North American continent and you find the exact opposite of rural Alaska – buzzing, glamorous New York City. Adventists are hard at work making a difference there, too.

NY13, a huge evangelistic collaboration between the North American region of the Adventist Church and its World Church headquarters, marked a massive push for urban evangelism in this cultural and financial capital.

A first-of-its-kind international field school of evangelism, dozens of evangelistic campaigns and creative approaches ranging from English language classes to a health summit, all supported the New York City effort, which resulted in more than 5,000 baptisms.

Whether we live in Shungnak or Manhattan, deep inside we are all the same – humans in desperate need of a Savior. God alone can bring us companionship and hope. Our task is to open our hearts to Him.