Light Through Darkness

Revival for Mission March 3, 2017

Martin Luther changed the world when he famously nailed the 95 theses of Biblical truth onto the church door in Wittenberg, Germany. This one man’s bold life of faithfulness serves as an example to us all of how to live a life of conviction and truth.

Luther’s students learned not only in a classroom setting but also side by side with their master teacher. Adventist students around the world are studying to get ready for mission. At Josiah Mission School in Isny, southeastern Germany, students are passionate about preparing for the ministry. Their teachers are doing everything in their power to grow the abilities of these young students.

One of the greatest examples of Christian preparedness took place hundreds of years ago when Martin Luther defended his biblical beliefs at the Diet of Worms. In front of the emperor and other men of great power, Luther refused to recant his beliefs, no matter what the consequence.

God protected Luther for taking his brave stand for truth. After his excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church, Luther was shielded in Wartburg Castle by Frederick the Wise. It was in this safe haven that Luther undertook the work of translating the New Testament into German.

In modern day Germany and Italy, small group ministries play a very important role in bringing people to Christ. The friendly atmosphere of Christian friends and fellowship in a small group setting helps people feel safe and protected as they grow spiritually. Many have come to Christ as a result of this important work.