Is attending GYC conferences forbidden?

Questions & Answers May 12, 2017

Q: Is attending GYC conferences forbidden? Some pastors in our country are against GYC. I’m a youth leader and I’ve been personally blessed by the ministry of GYC. What do you think about GYC? — Name and country withheld 

A: No, attending GYC is not forbidden. In fact, in many places, it is encouraged because it has been shown to be a very faith-building experience for many young people.

GYC (Generation.Youth.Christ.) began in 2002 by a group of young college students who were seeking fellowship with other young people who wanted to study the Bible deeply, have a deeper relationship with Christ, and serve Him.

What started out small has grown into a huge movement with chapters around the world. In addition to regional meetings, GYC has met together at the end of each year for its annual meeting since it began in 2002.

GYC is one of those very unique organizations that has within its own character, its own mission statement, an understanding of deep Bible study, of a close adherence to God’s Word and to what God intends to see happen, coupled with an outreach service activity. Therefore, GYC has a tremendous role that it can play in helping young people find real meaning in life because when you know Christ, you then feel impelled to share Him with others. And GYC provides that modality, that medium through which people can share with others in a very dynamic way.

It also provides a tremendous opportunity for young people to get together from all over. It works closely with church organizations, and we’re proud of what the young people of GYC have done, and by God’s grace, what they will do.

I have attended a number of GYC conventions myself and am very encouraged by the balanced manner of approach to Bible study, Christian fellowship, and evangelistic outreach.

To learn more about GYC, I encourage you to watch their video at or visit their website at