How can I know my spiritual gift?

Questions & Answers May 22, 2016

Q: I’ve been praying that the Lord will reveal to me my spiritual gift so that by His help I can build upon it, but I don’t yet know what my gift is. How do I discover my gift? — Joshua

A: Joshua, it’s wonderful that you are seeking to learn about your spiritual gifts and want to use them to the glory of God! You can be assured that He has blessed you with some “talents” and is eager for you to use them.

There are several ways to learn about your spiritual gifts. One way is to talk with people who know you best — parents, teachers, friends, your pastor — and ask them what they see as your gifts. Another way is to think about what it is you enjoy and find fulfillment in doing and how you can use that in honoring God.

Taking a “spiritual gifts inventory” is another way to discover your gifts. Talk with your pastor about this. Many of these inventories are available online.

Several years ago the Adult Bible Study Guide (Adult Sabbath School lessons) devoted an entire quarter to focusing on spiritual gifts. Lesson 11 is titled: “How to Discover and Verify Your Spiritual Gifts.” You may download a complete copy of this Bible study guide at:

More recently, there was an Adult Bible Study Guide focusing on evangelism and witnessing. The title of Lesson 3 is “Spiritual Gifts for Evangelism and Witnessing.” To download this study guide, click:

May God bless you as you seek to use your gifts for Him in Total Member Involvement!

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