How can a new member volunteer for the church?

Q: I’ve been an Adventist for almost a year and am looking for new experiences where I can improve my speaking skills and at the same time work for God. Currently, I´m an English student at Ulacit University. I’ve been looking for volunteer service opportunities that involve speaking English and am wondering if you know of any. — Stefanía, from Costa Rica

A: Stefanía, first I want to warmly welcome you into the Seventh-day Adventist worldwide church family, and I praise the Lord that you want to use your skills to serve Him! Your desire to serve God and others fits right in with Total Member Involvement, and there are many opportunities for service!

I recommend visiting the Adventist Volunteer Services (AVS) website. The AVS motto is “From Everywhere to Everywhere,” and as you look at the volunteer opportunities on their website, you’ll find this to be true. Furthermore, there are both short-term (from one day to two months) and long-term (two months to two years or longer) opportunities available.

Many different kinds of positions are open—ranging from teaching to construction to translation, to maintenance to media to being a dean, and much more. You can search calls according to location and position, as well as look at new listings and urgent calls.

May the Lord continue to bless and guide you as you seek to serve and grow in Him!

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