Family Network

Revival for Mission April 6, 2017

World champion Kenyan runners train in groups and operate like a family. They stress family loyalty and giving back to the community as core values.

Abel Kirai is a two-time world marathon champion who took home a silver medal for Kenya at the London Olympics in 2012. He gives God the credit for his win and has moved his mother, who took him to church on Sabbaths, into a new home.

The Maasai people offer a completely different completely perspective on life in the East-Central Africa region. They are nomadic and follow controversial customs, such as marrying off young girls.

Kajiado Adventist Primary School and Children’s Home was set up to rescue young girls from early marriage. Deborah was 8 years old when she was married off to an 80-year-old man. Her rescue and education allowed her to rewrite her life story. Now, she is a school-teacher.

Sammy Korir is another world class runner who uses his talents to give back to his community and church. He feels most like a winner when he is with his family, living true to his values.

Tremendous lessons in Christian community leadership can be learned from mountain gorillas in Rwanda. They live happily together in a community and follow their leader, the silver back. A family atmosphere prevails and there is a common understanding that everyone moves in the direction set by the leader. What a lesson for us as we work together for God through the power of the Holy Spirit.