Could you republish the autobiography of missionary Anna Knight?

Q: Are you aware of the story of Anna Knight, the first Seventh-day Adventist African-American woman who served as a missionary? She wrote an autobiography titled, “Mississippi Girl,” that was published by the Southern Publishing Association in 1952. Her story has again come to interest as there is a movie about her father, Newton Knight called “The Free State of Jones” that was released this summer. Unfortunately, her book is not available. It would be great if it could be published again and available in current formats, like Kindle. — Cam, from the United States.

A: Cam, the story of Anna Knight is very inspiring and it would be wonderful to have her autobiography, “Mississippi Girl,” available to a whole new generation of readers. We will see how it might be possible to republish “Mississippi Girl” in a digital format. Thank you for the suggestion.

By the way, you might find it interesting that “Mississippi Girl” and the role Seventh-day Adventism had in Anna Knight’s life are mentioned in a recent documentary on Anna’s father, Newton Knight, released by Mississippi Public Broadcasting. The documentary is available on YouTube, and the part about Anna and the Adventists is at 19:20.