Can church employees sit on the board of self-supporting ministries?

Questions & Answers June 4, 2016

Q: I’ve been told that there is a General Conference policy stating that conference employees are not to be on the board of self-supporting ministries. Can you please tell me if this is true? — Robert, from Australia

A: Robert, the General Conference (GC) does not have such a policy. However, the GC Working Policy, Section K 05, gives Criteria for Defining Supporting Ministries, and under that section two of the criteria given for listing a supporting ministry are as follows:

“The organization seeking listing shall …

3. Be led by a Seventh-day Adventist who does not receive salary from any Seventh-day Adventist denominational organization for the leadership of this organization.

4. Is controlled by a board with a membership majority of lay Seventh-day Adventists.”

The church greatly appreciates supporting ministries that are truly supporting. It is important that a supporting ministry work closely with the mission objectives of the local conference or area in which they are located. Supporting ministries can truly be a great support to the ongoing evangelistic outreach of the local field and as such can contribute to the world field and its proclamation of the three angels’ messages. It is vital that supporting ministries be a vibrant part of Total Member Involvement and feel a part the ongoing outreach of the local field where they work as we approach Christ’s soon coming.

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