A Temple in the City

Revival for Mission October 25, 2017

Stunning temples, teeming cities and devout believers of the world’s major religions are all hallmarks of the Southern-Asia Pacific region of the world.

Cambodia’s Angkor Wat is easily one of the most iconic temple structures on earth. The beautiful ruins are a major tourist attraction and speak to a past where ancient rulers built splendid temples to aid in their connection to the divine.

Angkor Wat may be one of the most eye-catching temple grounds in the Southern-Asia Pacific region, but is not alone in its beauty. This very religious part of the world is dotted with impressive houses of worship for Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and other faiths.

Passionate Adventist believers are working hard to reach their neighbors. Whether it be a Thai Adventist taxi driver who shares his faith with passengers, or health expos run by Adventists in the heart of the Thai capital Bangkok, God’s message of hope is shared by His people who are revived for mission.

Innovation is the name of the game as Adventists evangelize Asia. The creativity is staggering: street light night church over bottles of juice in Singapore; a couple that built a multi-purpose campus for orphans in Cambodia; fast-growing schools, passionate preaching and faith-filled plans for growth across the region. A huge evangelistic effort in Manila daringly focused on an upper class that often gets overlooked. These are just some of the examples of how God is powerfully working in these dynamic countries.