A Royal Priesthood

Revival for Mission June 1, 2017

An awe-inspiring part of the world packed with natural beauty and a fascinating history, the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean region is also home to some of the fastest economic growth on the planet.

The countries in this region have a rich history of kings and queens ruling their subjects, and some of these countries are still ruled by monarchs.

As regal, powerful and respected as earthly royalty can be, even monarchs are human and can make terrible mistakes, like when Madagascar’s queen cruelly killed Christians in horrific ways.

Thanks to the faithful work of God’s people, the beautiful message is spreading of a heavenly King who invites each of us to be His children and heavenly princes and princesses.

People across the Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean region are hearing the news of a Heavenly Kingdom whether through Adventist World Radio, street preaching or in the acts of kindness of an Adventist Mauritian woman who dedicates her time to caring for the outcasts of society.

Although the fascination we as humans have with royalty is common and can be intriguing, there is something far more captivating than attempting to trace one’s bloodline to earthly royalty.

Our truest sense of identity does not come from our family, our ancestors or some intriguing twist in our family tree. Instead, it comes in our identity as sons and daughters of the heavenly King. We are each invited to sit and dine at the amazing table waiting for us in heaven. It is set for royalty.