Will God forgive people who commit suicide?

Questions & Answers April 8, 2017

Q: Will God forgive people who commit suicide? What if they didn’t have time to repent? What if they suffered some emotional imbalance or some deep sadness? — Andressa, from Brazil 

A: Andressa, my heart goes out to those who have lost a friend or loved one to suicide. This is a topic heavy with emotion, and often guilt. Nevertheless, we can rest assured that God is a God of love who does not want anyone to be lost. He is a just and fair God, who will take everything, including all circumstances, into account. Ultimately, we can trust into His loving hands the future of our loved ones.

You may find the following article, “The Bible and Suicide” written by Angel Manuel Rodriguez, former director of the Biblical Research Institute, helpful. In his article, he addresses your questions with solid Biblical examples and answers. Here’s the link to the article.