Will Adventist leaders sign agreement ending Protestant movement and apologize to papacy for protest?

Questions & Answers October 27, 2017

Q: I’ve heard that General Conference representatives will be in Europe to sign an agreement, along with the other Protestants, ending the Protestant movement and apologizing to the papacy for their protest. Is this true? — Rosalie, from the United States

A: No, this is completely untrue, and is an example of sensational “fake news” that often spreads very quickly through social media.

Another example that is currently going around (again) is an announcement of “Breaking News 4 All Seventh-day Adventists” making claims regarding the pope, the U.S. president, and a national Sunday law.

This is not the first time this item has circulated around Adventist circles, and I can assure you that it is just as “fake” this time as it was previously. We know from biblical prophecy and from instruction in “The Great Controversy” that one day religious liberty will be taken away and national Sunday laws will be enacted. However, that has not happened yet. Let us use this time the Lord has given us to share the full truth about Christ, His righteousness, and His beautiful doctrines rather than spend time on fake news.

Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus, read His inspired Word — the Bible — and pray, read the Spirit of Prophecy, keep proclaiming the three angels’ messages, share the full biblical and prophetic messages of the Advent movement through the Holy Spirit’s power, and not become distracted from the work God has commissioned each of us to do as part of His last-day remnant church. Jesus is coming soon! Maranatha!