What is the role of young people in the Adventist Church?

Questions & Answers November 13, 2015

Q: What do you think is the role of youth in the church and the training of young people to be involved in the church’s mission plan? — Dilner, from Venezuela 

A: That’s a great question, Dilner! Young people are highly valued members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and are vitally important to its mission. I encourage you to take every opportunity you can to learn about and to become involved in our church’s mission plan.

Talk with your local church pastor, and ask how you can be involved. Ask about training opportunities offered by your church or local conference. Take the initiative to become involved!

During the past five years we’ve focused a lot on Revival and Reformation, Comprehensive Health Ministry, and Mission to the Cities. These important initiatives, based on Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy, have given us a strong foundation, and will continue to do so in the future.

Three areas of focus for this new quinquennium include:

1. An emphasis on Christ and His righteousness — that’s the core of the three angels’ messages. For more on this, look for my World Vista article “Christ, Our Righteousness” in the January 2016 issue of Adventist World.

2. God’s call to faithfulness — faithfulness to Him and to His Word. Faithfulness in personal relationships, in biblical truth, in the study of God’s Word, in prayer, in studying the Spirit of Prophecy, in family relationships, and more. Of course, faithfulness is only possible when we realize our complete dependence on Christ and His righteousness. If you’d like to read more about faithfulness, see my articles “Called to Faithfulness” and “A Faithful Mission” published in Adventist World in 2015.

3. Total Membership Involvement — total empowerment of lay people for evangelism and witnessing. This is really where everything comes together. You build a strong relationship with Jesus Christ, through His strength you are faithful to Him, then you go out and share your faith with others, winning as many people as possible for Christ and His Kingdom.

As you pray, ask God to show you what the most effective ways are for you, personally, to become involved with reaching others for Him. I’m sure He will provide an answer to your prayers.