Is it all right to cook unclean food for others?

Questions & Answers July 14, 2017

Q: Can I cook unclean food for my parents if they ask me to, and is it okay for me to eat food that has been cooked in unclean pots? I’m a youth living with my parents. Please help me. — Steven, from Malawi 

A: Steven, I commend you for wanting to honor and respect your parents, as the fifth commandment tells us to do. This includes, especially when we are young, obeying our parents, except when it conflicts with what God has asked of us.

While the Bible does not prohibit us from cooking unclean meat, the Biblical laws found in Leviticus 11 clearly forbid eating it. So Biblically, you shouldn’t eat unclean meat, and I encourage you to continue obeying the Scriptures by following God’s instructions to not eat it.

Of course, if unclean meat isn’t good for you, it certainly isn’t good for your parents either. So, although the Bible doesn’t explicitly forbid cooking unclean meat for others, by implication we can understand that you should avoid cooking it as much as possible.

But probably you shouldn’t make this a stumbling block or a reason for conflict with your parents. Treat them with love and respect in this matter and pray for the Lord to work in their hearts so they can accept the Biblical laws on food.

Regarding the second part of your question, if the cooking pots are well-washed, they are clean. Contamination by contact no longer exists. Impurity by contact was part of the ceremonial system, which has been abrogated by Christ on the cross.