Is it a sin to wear jewelry?

Questions & Answers August 11, 2017

Q: I’ve been married for seven years, and my wife, who was baptized after we got married, says she doesn’t want to be an Adventist anymore because she likes wearing earrings. I feel uncomfortable accepting the new her. Is wearing earrings and other jewelry a sin? — Steve

A: Steve, it’s important to recognize that each person carries his or her own responsibility regarding dress and adornment. While I can understand your disappointment, remember that your wife is the one who should make decisions regarding her personal appearance. I would imagine that to try and pressure her to do something she is not convinced is spiritually important will only put more stress into your marriage. I encourage you to treat your wife with love and respect and continue to pray for her.

While our Seventh-day Adventist Fundamental Beliefs and Church Manual describe our church standards (including Christian lifestyle, dress, and adornment) based on Scripture, it remains with the local church pastor to teach these biblical standards to members (and potential members), with carefulness and sensitivity. Hopefully when people see where true beauty lies, their attraction for artificial adornment will fade away. We are not saved by not wearing jewelry, but God longs for us to value simplicity in our Christian life and witness.

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