How many times do you pray in a day?

Questions & Answers February 20, 2016

Q: How many times do you pray in a day? — Hilda

A: Prayer is one of the most profound gifts given by a loving God to us as human beings. I cannot imagine how I would exist without prayer. There is no need for going through anyone or anything else. We can speak directly to God, not just when He wants to listen, but He is ready to listen and respond 24/7.

The first thing I do after awakening is to slip out of bed onto my knees and consecrate my day and life to God. This is what the Spirit of Prophecy tells us to do. I ask for wisdom for the day. I know God hears me and offers His heavenly protection and wisdom for my work during the new day. I pray often during the day — while in a committee, while talking with someone, when faced with a challenge. The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. This means to be in an attitude of prayer constantly in touch with heaven.

Nancy and I pray in the morning before I head out to the office or while we are traveling and starting the day. Many times we pray before starting out even on a short journey in the car. I am constantly talking to the Lord about my immediate needs or a request for guidance. When I am at the office, I usually pray at the beginning and the end of visiting with people in the many appointments I have.

Certainly, we pray at the beginning and end of committee meetings. Generally, on the days when I am at the office, at the end of the day, I will turn out most of the lights in preparation for leaving and then as one of the final activities, I will kneel to the Lord by a particular seat in my office and pray to the Lord. It is a fitting end to the work day. At times, I will pray with my assistants at the office.

What a wonderful opportunity to pray all during the day. It fortifies us for what we are to do. It helps us realize that we can do nothing of ourselves. It helps us lean completely on the Lord and His heavenly power.

Of course, I pray before every meal and then before sleeping at night. I cannot imagine life without prayer. It is my lifeline to heaven and I love to pray to the Lord and I hope you do, too, Hilda. Make prayer a constant activity throughout the day. You don’t have to close your eyes if you are in a meeting or faced with a challenge, just send a prayer to heaven anytime you are in need or wish to thank the Lord for something.

Always claim James 1:5 and ask for wisdom. Let prayer be the key in the hand of faith that unlocks the door of heaven’s storehouse as we are told in the Spirit of Prophecy. Thank God for His many blessings and praise His name for what He provides for your life. Ask Him to bless and keep your loved ones and those you work with or associate with. I do this quite often.

May you not only pray without ceasing, Hilda, but may you encourage others to do the same. The latter rain will come in response to our prayers and our faith will increase as we pray and believe that God hears and answers prayer!