How does the Nazirite vow apply to the life of Jesus?

Questions & Answers April 28, 2016

Q: How does the aspect of the Nazirite vow regarding long hair and dead bodies apply to the life of Jesus? Where is Christ’s compassion in the abhorrence of a dead body when Jesus even touched the dead? —  Chinyere

A: First, we do not know that Jesus took a Nazirite vow. There is no mention of this in Scripture or in the Spirit of Prophecy. Some think that John the Baptist was a Nazirite (based on Luke 1:15) but, again, this is an inference that can’t be proved from the inspired writings.

As Ellen White points out in The Desire of Ages (pages 265-266), in touching the leper, virtue and life-giving power went from Jesus to the person. No pollution or defilement went from the leper to Him! No doubt the same was true when Jesus touched the dead.

We have plenty of information from inspired writings about the life of Christ, so we don’t need to speculate on things not mentioned there.