How do we keep the Sabbath holy?

Questions & Answers April 8, 2017

Q: We read in the Bible that it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath day, but how do we keep the Sabbath holy? —Alden, from the Philippines

A: The Bible has so many beautiful texts about the Sabbath and how best to keep it holy. One such text is found in Isaiah 58:13-14 encouraging us to “call the Sabbath a delight, the holy day of the Lord honorable, and shall honor Him, not doing your own ways, nor finding your own pleasure, nor speaking your own words, then you shall delight yourself in the Lord; And I will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth, and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father. The mouth of the Lord has spoken” (NKJV).

God wants the Sabbath to be a delight for us—the happiest day of the week. A day that we can fully rest in Him, worship Him as our Creator, fellowship with other believers, and reach out to others in Christian love.

For more on this topic, see my recent World Vista article, “A Day of Rest and Gladness: Now and for Eternity,” published in the March issue of Adventist World helpful. Here’s the link.