How can I share Jesus with my classmates?

Questions & Answers November 13, 2015

Q: I’ve been baptized for eight months and am a college student. I’d really like to share the truth with my classmates, but I just don’t know how. How can I fully understand the Scriptures? Sometimes I don’t understand some points and sometimes I forget what I’ve learned. I hope I’m not disappointing God. — Mae, Philippines

A: Mae, I’m so glad that you’ve found the truth, given your life to Jesus and have been baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It’s wonderful that you are eager to share your new-found faith with your classmates!

One of the most effective and powerful ways to witness to others is to share what Christ has done for you. How did you become an Adventist? What led you to the truth? What are some of the things that you found most convincing and why? What does Jesus mean to you today?

Don’t worry about not having all of the answers or understanding everything. We’re all still learning and growing in Christ, and as you take time to read and study God’s Word, the Bible, and pray, He will teach and guide you day by day. Also, continue fellowshipping with your local church family and attend Sabbath School, church, and other activities regularly. As you do this, your faith and knowledge in God’s Word will continue to grow.