Have you appealed for prayers over a national Sunday law in the U.S.?

Questions & Answers April 15, 2017

Q: Many of us have received a message purporting to be “Breaking News for All Seventh-day Adventists” stating that the Pope is urging U.S. President Donald Trump to pass the National Sunday Law this month, and that Pastor Ted Wilson is appealing to all Adventists to pray for seven days in preparation. Is this true? — Edward, from the United States

A: Edward, thank you for your question. No, this is not true. It is an example of Adventist “fake news.”

As Seventh-day Adventists, we eagerly look forward to the soon coming of Jesus. Unfortunately, however, it seems that some, in their eagerness, are trying to manufacture a time of trouble before the actual time.

I would urge all Seventh-day Adventists not to be caught up in speculating on end-time scenarios, but instead use their time and energy in staying close to Jesus in Bible study and prayer, and to be part of Total Member Involvement in reaching as many people as possible — everyone dong something for Jesus! You can learn more about TMI at: www.youtube.com/watch