Can women preach from the pulpit on Sabbath?

Questions & Answers November 5, 2016

Q: Pastor Ted, are women supposed to preach on the pulpit on the Sabbath day? — Andrew, from Malawi

A: Andrew, a person doesn’t need to be an ordained pastor to preach. Women (and men) can preach anywhere God calls them to preach. God needs everyone to reach others for Him, and no one is excluded! There are opportunities for everyone. This also includes young people, and boys and girls.

This is what Total Member Involvement (TMI) is all about — every member reaching out to someone for Jesus. While TMI involves much more than preaching, it is one of the main ways available to those who feel called to present God’s Word in a public way.

My wife, Nancy, was one of many women who presented their own evangelistic meetings in Rwanda last May. The Lord used them in a magnificent way, and as a result of their ministry thousands of souls were baptized. I encourage you to watch a wonderful video about this at:

It is also important to note that Ellen White had much to say about women in ministry, and in our next Q&A we will be looking at a number of her statements regarding this topic.