Can an animal help ministries be created in the Adventist Church to promote animal care?

Questions & Answers December 15, 2017

Q: I’m studying veterinary medicine and am wondering if an “Animal Help Ministries” could be created within the Adventist Church to promote caring for animals? Through this ministry we could tell many people who love and care for animals about the love of God, and many animals would also be benefitted. — Sharon, from Venezuela

A: Sharon, thank you for sharing your very creative idea for ministry! This is a unique idea that has wonderful potential for a Total Member Involvement (TMI) outreach. As a veterinary medicine student, you probably have a good idea of what such a ministry would involve and perhaps know of others who, like you, care about animals and would be interested in becoming involved.

I want to encourage you to write out a specific plan detailing how to put your ministry idea into practice, starting at your local church. Share your plan with your pastor and other church leaders and see if your church would be interested in starting such an outreach ministry.

Who knows where such a ministry might lead in making a positive impact in your community, with friends and neighbors, other students, teachers, and more? Perhaps other Adventist churches in your area might be interested in starting a similar ministry, and it could grow from there.

You are a great example of a young person who is thinking about new and creative ways of reaching others for Jesus. May the Lord bless you as you pursue your dreams for Him!